All O-Hair Care products use certified organic Aloe Vera Juice in place of the water found in most products. This juice is from the inner leaf of the plant and does not contain anthraquinone compounds (aloin).

Known for its healing and nutrient properties, it forms the perfect foundation for shampoos, conditioners and helps create and maintain optimal health for your hair. Aloe Vera has a very large variety of naturally occuring vitamins, minerals, and 18 amino acids. It is also known for its ability to improve the texture and health of skin, including the strength of the skin's immune system.

The majority of safety concerns related to this plant are linked to its use internally. However, juice taken from the outer leaf (yellow/green sap appearance) does contain aloin, which is an irritant. Care should always be taken to ensure that any aloe vera product used on the skin or hair is not taken from this part of the plant and does not contain aloin. As with any ingredient, allergic reactions can occur, although reports of these are rare.

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