The scientific name for oat kernel flour is avena sativa. It is made from oat kernels and is used in O-Hair Care's Pump Up the Volume Shampoo and Conditioner for its ability to add volume to hair. Oat flour is also known for its healing and soothing properties.

Oat kernels are very similar to wheat in structure. Whole grain oats, such as those used in making oat kernel flour contain seven vitamins, vitamin E and nine minerals.

Due to the unlikely although existing possibility that the oat kernel flour used in O-Hair Care's products may have been processed in equipment also used for processing wheat products, we ask that those with Celiac or gluten sensitivities exercise caution when using our Pump Up the Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. We are comfortable with categorizing all other products in our line as gluten-free. However, we can not with complete confidence know that the oat kernel flour we used has not as some point, prior to reaching us, come into contact with wheat.

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