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Organic Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

LOVE the Drenched products. My hair has never felt better. Carissa Funk Windsor CO

With all of the styling tools I use... blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron I need to protect my hair.  With O-Hair Care's styling creme, my hair isn't dry or oily and it's protected from heat! My hair stylis has notice relatively no damage to my hair since I began using O-Hair Care. I Love Love Love it!  Mica Jaske Wichita KS

Well, I can truly say…I’m in Love with (O-Hair Care). I’ve been using the products for two weeks and they are fabulous. I just put up three reviews on your website. I had trouble toning it down so I didn’t sound too gushing! But, truly, I needed to get out the fact that your products are outstanding! I’ve been searching for an Organic, Chemical-Free line for years. While there are now many out there, none of them work well on my fine, chemically-treated hair. They are fine, at first, but over time (usually less than a week) they build up and cause my hair to look and feel greasy, and very weighed down. And, don’t get me started on the styling aids. While I did also like the Pump up the Volume shampoo and conditioner that I bought in the trial size, I decided to get the full-size version of the Fine Shine. It gives me the look I’ve been craving for years (without using a heated straightening iron). I just placed my first “grown-up” size order. And, while I did order all three styling aids in the sample size…I found the Elixir worked the best for me. Jan Stack-Leuze Richland WA 

Fine Shine Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Testimonial



O-Hair Care, my Stylist has never carried a hair care product in her salon but she is now proudly displaying and selling your products.  She gave me samples of your product and I cannot tell you how very impressed I am with the quality of the items.  My hair tends to run on the dry side and I wanted to try the products specifically designed for my hair type, so I am looking forward to trying the new products that just arrived late last week. Also your products are very reasonably priced.  As I understand it, the hair care industry is highly competitive, and I suspect your innovations will be a smashing success in the market! Duranda Hogan Newton KS 

Lisa your products are awesome. I have used them for two weeks now... My hair hasn't felt this alive since I was young. I have not considered retailing products in my shop till now. This is truly the most amazing products I've used in my 35 years of hairdressing. I used it on my dogs with the same great results. No itch so far for the houndog. Thanks for your wonderful products. Great Job!  Karen Hopkins Newton KS


Hydrolicious Organic Shampoo and Conditioner Testimonial


I purchased a set of your hair products for myself and my daughter. We got the "Drenched" for super moisture and curly hair. I tried mine this morning and I love it. I actually shampooed with one of my usual products putting a TBL of baking soda in with the shampooing to help strip out past residues. I saw this tip on Dr. Oz. Next, I shampooed a 2nd time with your shampoo and it lathered up great! Used the conditioner, toweled dried and used the O-Hair Care Perfect finish style creme. This is how I like my hair, SOFT and curly. Most of the curling gels make my hair stiff and I don't like that. It makes it twice as hard to work with the next day if I choose not to shampoo again. So for the first shampoo I am impressed and loving it! I can run my fingers through it! I am going to email my hair stylist and let her know that I like this, I hope she will choose to carry it. Dawn Ysidro Wichita KS 

I just wanted to let you know a friend let me try your product and let me tell you I'm sold on it I have struggled all my life with trying to find a shampoo that would not make me itch I'm super sensitive to perfumes and dyes in products like bath soap , shampoo, and laundry detergent. When I used your shampoo and your conditioner. it not only stoped my itching but added volume to my hair just after a few shampoos. I am glad that Laura and Christ Hurst introduced O-Hair Care products to me. I am forever grateful thank you O-Hair Care.  April Jolimay CA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!  Used them 2 days now and my hair is super soft - and ya know... I haven't had a migraine like I can get with certain other CHEMICALLY-INFESTED popular hair products!  O-Hair Care YOU ROCK! Lori Wright Wichita KS

I Have been trying everything to manage my very thin-damaged hair.  None of the commercial or salon products I have been trying have really helped.  I've been using only O-Hair Care products now on my hair for about a week and I really cannot believe the difference!  I use the Hydrolicious Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and both the style cream and gel.  AMAZING results already!  Wish I had taken a before picture.  My split-ends are almost gone!  My hair is shiny and bouncy.  I haven't had a haircut in months, and I color RED often.  I use a blow dryer and curling iron everyday and I really can't believe how great my hair looks.  Thank you O-Hair Care!!  Michelle Leidy Wichita KS

Wow...I love the new Serum, My hair is very, did I say very curly...I like it best when my hair is dry.  It rejuvenates my 2nd day hair to its first day Shine!  It pulls together some of the curl that I seem to lose over night while sleeping.  Grace Winter Manhatten KS


I got the products and LOVE them!!  From day 1 I noticed my hair feels better!  Cannot wait for my next hair appt. to tell my stylist about O-Hair Care.  So I will continue to use O-Hair Care and be happy to buy more.  Love Love Love my results so far!  Stacey Carswell Wichita KS

I love O-Hair Care products!  For the first time in 20 years I can use a styling gel and keep curl in my hair more than 30 minutes without getting a headache from the ingredients!  I also love the Shampoo and Conditioner for my fine blond hair. Best hair care products I have ever used! They work without setting off my allergies and sensitivies. Laura Hurst Waterford CA

Just wanted to say how much I love the New Drenched Shampoo and Conditioner.  I began using the Drenched line a couple of months ago and cannot believe what a difference it has made with my extremely dry hair.  I have tried every product out there, and have finally found "THE ONE"!  Stacey Howell Wichita KS

I have finally used an entire 16 oz bottle of Pump up the Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, ran out of the two at the same time couldn't hardly believe it. As a stylist and hair colorist of 43 years, I had not finished an entire bottle of anything.  My clients are trying the O-Hair Care products and many have become steady repeat customers. My own hair has improved tremendously, since I began using the O-Hair Care line!  I am very excited to have such a wonderful product to recommend to my clients. Thanks O-Hair Care for your vision and commitment to the hairstylist, we have needed this for such a long time.  Linda Mortimer Mort's Salon Derby KS

This is truly the best produt on the market!  I have been a stylist for 23 yrs., and have not seen performance in shampoo like this before.  My favorite is Sleek and Shine.  My daughters hair was looking dry and dull... she used the shampoo and conditioner one time (just once) and I could tell a big difference.  While most teenagers are not easily impressed, a couple of days later she said "Daddy, I Love Love Love my new shampoo".   Kevin Harrison Owner of Blades, Perryton Tx

I am loving, LOVING my Hydrolicious Shampoo and Conditioner!!!  My hair feels so healthy and looks fabulous!  I don't even need very much styling product or hairspray for it to look great.  No fly-away or frizz.  Wow!!  Thanks O-Hair Care!  Darla Atchley Wichita KS

After just two weeks of using O-Hair Care Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, I ran into my hairdresser... She felt my hair and said, "it feels thicker and healthier."  I have to agree with her.  I just know it is more manageable and holds up better during a long day in the Oklahoma hot, dry wind.   Mel Roberts Edmond OK

WOW!! I have ultra super curly hair. Everyone says they wish they had my hair, but they don't deal with the constant frizziness, the tangled tresses, the heavy leave in creams to try to help, the itchy head, the list goes on and on. Now, don't get me wrong, I do like my hair, but it can get quite aggravating. So, of course when I saw sleek and natural Lisa's hair was, I asked her about her products and when I took them home to use, I was VERY skeptical, I have used MANY products claiming the ability to "calm the curls" and "tame the tangles". THIS STUFF really did the trick! My hair is soft but not frizzy, not tangled, but still light, it is nice to the touch, and, WOOHOO, for the first time, my husband can run his fingers through my locks without getting his hand caught in the masses and he didn't pull my hair out by the roots either!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Hair and O-Hair Care made it all possible, I will never use another product again! Beth Wood Wichita KS

My hair feels really clean once I have shampooed.  The best way to describe the feeling is "squeeky clean", no residue left once rinsed.  It takes a only a small amount and I am getting used to the fact that there are little suds.  Once I follow up with the conditioner my hair feels like everything is in "perfect balance"  There is no way I could use shampoo just by itself.  My hair has always required a conditioner in order to get it combed out.  I really do love love love the texture.  Another (PLUS) with the O-Hair Care line is that it does not leave the scum around the screen over my shower drain like all other shampoos and conditioners did.  Eeeek which makes me wonder what was previously in my hair!  Our Plumber told us that a big part of plumbing problems come from the soap/shampoo/conditioner residues left in the pipes.  The O-Hair Care line leaves "No Scum" :)    Marla Houtz Elkhart KS

My Hair has always been very thin and very straight.  Since I have been using O-Hair Care Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, my hair is more manageable and hair styles hold longer. For many years I have experienced scalp itchiness, no matter what major brand of shampoo and conditioner I used.  O-Hair care has eradicated this problem.  This, I believe, is the most important asset of using this product.  
Pat Rupp Wichita KS

The first time I used Sleek and Shine shampoo, conditioner I noticed my hair reflected the light unlike before. Now having used the products for over six months both my hairdresser and myself agree my hair is healthier than it has ever been. Thank you O-Hair Care!!  Dina Dameron Wichita KS

Suzen Williams, my hair stylist gave me a trial travel set of O-Hair Care shampoo and conditioner. As vegan who is concerned about nonhuman animals, humans and the environment, I appreciate your cruelty-free, vegan, natural approach to hair care. I have been using the products for about five days, and I like them. I wasn't sure that I liked the feel and scent of the Volume shampoo at first, but the shampoo has grown on me, and I like the way my hair feels and looks after using the products. I appreciate your efforts to contribute to a safer, healthier world and will order some more shampoo and conditioner when I run out.    Sheri Barnes Andale KS