How do O-Hair Care products compare with other salon quality shampoos & conditioners?

O-Hair Care products are designed for consumers and professionals who expect a high level of performance from their shampoos and conditioners.

Most users will be able to tell little, if any difference between how O-Hair Care products "feel" and how mainstream products "feel" in the shower. In a few cases, the buildup on the hair may be so extreme that it takes a few uses to truly experience the rich lather of our line.  Also, clients who have grown accustomed to the "slickness" of silicones & waxes may notice a slightly different feel to the hair strands.

Fortunately, even in these cases, the news is good!  Your hair is already benefiting from the rich nutrients and absence of harsh, drying ingredients. Then once the buildup and coatings are gone, your hair will be even more responsive and the difference will amaze you!

So expect a rich lather that rinses easily and completely.  Expect hair that feels soft, luxurious, healthy and strong.  Expect to experience a whole new level of body, shine and energy from your hair.  Expect to love, love, love it!

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