Is it necessary to sacrifice the lather I love so that I can know my products are safe and healthy?

Sacrifice should never be a necessity - not when it involves health or beauty.  O-Hair Care's line of shampoos creates a soft, subtle lather that rinse easily and will leave your hair feeling soft and luxurious.  The bubbles will be somewhat different than the light, airy bubbles created by harsh surfactants used in mainstream products.

Some users may notice less lather than they would like the first couple of times they shampoo.  This typically happens with hair that has significant buildup of silicones, waxes or other coatings left behind by shampoos that rely on these ingredients to create the illusion of thickness or shine.  Once O-Hair Care's products gently remove this build up and can easily reach the hair strands without first penetrating these barriers, the amount of lather will increase. 

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