O-Hair Care is committed to Performance and Peace of Mind for all of our products. 

What does this mean for you?

Performance... Our O-Hair Care products are made only with healthy natural ingredients and have a reputation for high performance results.  Many other genuinely healthy shampoos do not deliver superior results and have only an average performance rating.  The O-Hair Care all natural blend means you will never have to sacrifice the following:  

  • Glossy Shine
  • Gentle Lather
  • Body and Bounce
  • Manageability 
  • Silky Softness
  • Vibrant Color
  • Beautiful, Healthy Hair

O-Hair Care's formulators have spent many years creating formulations that are designed to close the cuticle of the hair shaft and out-perform the top selling shampoos and conditioners.  We have learned that hair responds best to gentle, nourishing ingredients without sulfates or other toxins. 

Peace of Mind...O-Hair Care products will never contain ingredients that are:  Incompatible with the environment, Harmful to your body, Damaging to the hair shaft, or Irritating to your skin    


If you would like to learn more about O-Hair Care and our exciting line of shampoos and conditioners, read our FAQ's.