Do O-Hair Care products contain a preservative?  Is it safe?

Yes, all of our products are protected from spoilage through the use of a broad spectrum preservative.  The preservative is called Geogard Ultra and is widely considered among the mildest, most gentle broad spectrum preservatives available.  It is actually certified as an organic ingredient by Ecocert.

Without a preservative, your product would have a shelf-life of no longer than 7-10 days. Even then, it would require refrigeration and we would be unable to ship orders during the summer months due to this need for refrigeration.

By incorporating a small amount of preservative into our formulas we are able to predict a shelf life of approximately 18 months.  We still recommend that you replace your products every six months to ensure that the ingredients remain hardy, effective and safe... but all of our products are formulated for an 18 month shelf life under normal, expected conditions.


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