Many healthier shampoos are difficult to use and don't rinse easily.  Will I experience this with O-Hair Care products?

O-Hair Care products differ from commercial, mainstream products AND many of the wellness-based shampoos & conditioners on the market.

Firstly, our line of shampoo does include 1 safe - mild surfactant (coco glucoside), derived from fruit sugar and coconut oil.  This ingredient is how we create lather vs. the harsh surfactant based formulas of most mainstream product lines.  O-Hair Care products are designed to perform in ways that are familiar to most consumers.  You will notice lather when washing your hair - something that most of us truly enjoy.  They rinse easily and leave your hair feeling soft, touchable and luxurious.  Yet they accomplish all of these things without reliance on the harsh, potentially toxic chemicals that cause emotional, physical and environmental discomfort for so many.

Secondly, the results achieved by our formulas rival the high performance products on the market today.  "Salon Quality" is not just a term that we casually attach to our products.  Women, men and children have high expectations concerning the quality of their hair care.  Until now, compromising EITHER satisfaction with their products OR peace of mind with their choices has been more common than it should be.  The foundational goal of O-Hair Care is to change this and we are confident you will agree we have succeeded.

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