The LED Light Treatment mask from Mask Worx is an advanced skin therapy consumer electronics product. This mask includes proprietary space age technology developed by NASA that addresses multiple skin concerns including acne, rosacea, pock marks, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.  The Mask also treats frontal lobe hair thinning and promotes new hair growth in that area.

Mask Worx is the only dual-purpose (Skin and Hair) patented LED Light Treatment mask available with these capabilities. The mask uses three different red-light frequencies. The LED’s are made in the U.S. and long lasting and durable.

You will immediately recognize the Miracle Mask as a top-notch high-quality piece of equipment which offers remarkable skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and beautifying attributes. I was totally unaware of the possibilities from such a product.


First you should know that I have been in the skincare business for over 25 years, using what I believe to be the best skincare on the market. I believe that my skin looks pretty great at almost 60 so I was a bit skeptical at the start. So I must take a moment and share my recent involvement experimenting and testing this new and exciting beauty product which for me has turned out to be something of a Miracle!

I trialed the product for 60 days for 15 minutes a day, every day and then after seeing the results I continue to use it at least four days a week because of the continued noticeable benefits.

My personal experience is that through the use of the Mask I noticed some very desirable benefits such as:

-my skin feels smoother and softer.

-my moisturizer and foundation go on much nicer and more evenly.

-visually I genuinely see a younger looking appearance.

-my skin looks more hydrated, brighter, and healthier.

-more radiant and luminous

-and noticeably more supple

Additionally, I have also realized that after 90 days of continuing to use the mask I am getting a more even skin tone, as a former life guard (15 of my younger years) that is great!

I also notice a reduction in some of my fine around my lips and forehead. Most shockingly a reduction in the size of some small sebaceous cysts and the lightening of what I call a sun/age spot that it seems almost everyone has on the side of their face.


Thank the Lord and science for all of the wonderful cosmetics that make us feel better about ourselves.  We love to look our best with whatever cosmetic products we take the time to apply or afford.

Some of us use more cosmetic products then others and we all have our own take on what’s right for ourselves.

We have choices!  Whether it’s a completely natural look you’re going for or feel using as little assistance as possible in terms of makeup, or those special days or evenings when you really want to look your best and you go all out with hair, nails, and color products.

Mask Worx, simply practiced with minimal effort really does work.  In fact by spending just fifteen minutes a day in the privacy of your home you can enjoy the benefits.

Its’ called Mask Worx…because it is the one that works!


There is quite a bit of information about advanced skin therapy using LED’s and low light therapy on the internet and I researched all about it when I was introduced to the Mask Worx product because of course I was instantly curious and intrigued.

Similar technology is being used all over the world to treat all sorts of skin conditions including acne, pock marks, brown spots, blemishes and freckling, and get this it even works to reduce lines on your forehead, around your mouth and eyes. Yet no one else has the advanced technology of Mask Worx.



Mask Worx is something special for face and hair because it is the ONLY LED low light skin therapy that is patented with a dual purpose all in one product.  Mask Worx Low Light LED Mask uses the MOST advanced LED red light therapy technology available for consumer use and has multiple purposes for both skin AND hair.

Mask Worx not only works on the skin conditions I described above but it is also designed scientifically and ergonomically configured to address the issue of thinning hair on the frontal lobe of your head and yes it actually promotes hair growth!


I think it is important to note that I have experienced no negative side effects such as skin irritation, redness or swelling using this Mask.  This is so important because these are some of the issues people often ask me when I tell them about the product.


In my own beauty regime and what I always try to impart and convey to my friends and clients is that good skin starts with good health practices.

We all know that a healthy lifestyle requires effort which includes implementing healthy habits into your life. So if you can change your life for the better, feel better and of course look better along the way, why not consider trying the Miracle Mask Worx Mask.


This is why I have now started calling the Mask Worx advanced skin therapy LED mask “The Miracle Mask” because I have tried it, (and will never stop using it), my friends tried it and the research and data prove that it could easily be said that it actually works miracles and I would have never believed it but a friend of mine insisted that I test it and now I use it faithfully and intend to market it and share it with my best clients and friends!


Getting back to my experience and the discussion of makeup and cosmetic products here are a few examples of what I personally experienced just in the first 30 days of my trial of the (Miracle Mask).  And then I want to share some of the experiences of some of my other friends who trialed the product.

For me I don’t have any particular skin problem such as acne or rosacea, but I was curious about the claims about skin firming and reducing various wrinkles.  I also had a small brown spot which I wanted to try to get rid of and a few small sebaceous cists which I never thought this would help.

After all most of us have some sort of issues that we would love to just erase.  We can spend endless time trying to cover them with make up or concealers. Well if this is you I would love, love, love to invite you to try Lisa’s Miracle You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


LISA MIRACLE MASK advanced skin therapy LED light treatment product is offered through Value One, Inc., a Nevada Corporation out of Irvine, California.

The market differentiation of the product includes proprietary space age technology developed by NASA.

All of this technical information is explained on the site. The Mask Worx Miracle Mask utilizes high quality US made LED’s for optimal sustainability and effectiveness while the product itself is manufactured in South Korea.

South Korea is famous for amazing consumer electronics products.  Korea bring us brands like Samsung and LG which we all now accept as best of breed product manufacturers of everything from microwaves to washers and dryers, HD TV’s, LCD’s and computers.

It’s funny to think that just ten years ago the average person wasn’t really aware of just how cool Korean technology and Korean consumer electronics have become and are seen just about everywhere we shop.

Enjoy a real gift this year and see how using our Miracle Mask can change your life and help you feel great and solve some skin issues you may have never thought you could improve, cure or change.


Buy now and I will add a personal gift.                    

With Warm Regards,

Lisa O’Hair